28th May 2019

Homeowners who allow their mortgage to lapse onto their Lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR) are being stung with over (on average) £2,600 a year in extra interest.

That is an extra £2,600 a year in interest payments, equating to £216 a month.  If you were short of this amount in your salary, would you not want to find out why?

Across the United Kingdom, there are two million people with mortgages presently on an SVR.  The banks are really having a field day at your expense and you are allowing them to do it!

The reason some borrowers give for lapsing onto the SVR is that they were not aware that their present deal had come to an end.  This could mean the difference between 5.00% and 1.74%, or on a £200,000 mortgage, £346.56 per month.  Why are so many people throwing so much money away?

At Mortgage Options NI, when we represent a client and organise their mortgage or remortgage, we will contact them three months before their present deal is ending, and research the market to find the next best deal.  We will also negotiate the best deal which their present lender will offer.  We will automatically do this every time their deal is about to end and we do not charge for this service, perhaps this is why we get so many personal referrals from clients?

Home Owners with mortgages are being penalised for their loyalty and overpaying billions of pounds every year.

Do not let it be you!

Contact:   https://mortgageoptionsni.co.uk/contact-us and see if we can help you save some of your hard earned money!