Antrim and Ballymena: First time homeowners

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You may find shopping around for your first home a little bit daunting. With the challenge of finding your first home, choosing the right mortgage, selecting a good solicitor, and ensuring everything runs smoothly and to plan.

The quickest way to discover the maximum you can comfortably borrow is by speaking to an experienced mortgage broker, such as ourselves, and getting them to check out all available mortgage deals, that way you can be sure you get the cheapest deal.

Step one is to talk to us and we will recommend the right mortgage for you. After all, it is what we have been doing for forty years.

How much you can borrow mostly relies on your income and credit record. Lenders will take into account your ability to pay the mortgage every month and what your other outgoings are. HP and credit cards mostly. Firstly make sure you are on the voters roll. Secondly do a credit check. This is what the bank will do to ascertain if you are reliable, and are going to pay the monthly mortgage payments.

It is difficult to choose the right mortgage for your future home with thousands of different options available and each lender having different requirements and rules. We will help you through the maze to find the best mortgage for your budget, unique circumstances and needs and provide expert unbiased advice and guidance.

We will also provide you with different options to make sure you can still afford your monthly mortgage payments in case rates start to increase.

Please use the free mortgage and insurance calculators on our web site, and if you have any questions give us a call on 02825 898625.
Good house hunting, and stay safe.

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