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Mortgage Broker Northern Ireland | Mortgage Broker Belfast

If you’re looking for a mortgage broker Northern Ireland area, then look no further. We are Northern Ireland’s leading mortgage advisers and mortgage brokers. We are here to offer the best financial mortgage advice. We give our clients 24/7 support through the whole mortgage process.

To free up your time looking for a mortgage, leave it to the professionals and give us a call today.

Our Mortgage Clinic 

We have been in the mortgage business for over 40 years in Northern Ireland. At Mortgage Options NI we take the stress out of buying a home and finding a mortgage, We set up the legal side of mortgages and also offer insurance advice. 

As mortgage & Insurance experts, our company has access to thousands of different types of mortgages not just from Northern Ireland, but the whole of the UK. Giving you the best and cheapest options available.

Whether you want to obtain a mortgage to buy your first property or want a new mortgage on an existing home, we are here to help.

Mortgage Advisor

Our mortgage advice on available mortgages to suit your requirements and budget is second to none in Northern Ireland. This is why it’s paramount to seek our advice before seeking a mortgage yourself.

Free mortgage advice is not always the best way to go, as I’m sure you are aware nothing is free in this world. What you need to consider is getting the best advice on mortgages from the best mortgage advisers. 

As there are many different mortgages to choose from you can be assured we will give you unbiased and beneficial advice on a mortgage.

Mortgage Lenders

Finding the right mortgage lenders for you is what we do best. If it’s first time buyers remortgages self-employed we will have options to find the right mortgage. A mortgage you can easily afford to meet monthly payments.

There is not much point in getting a mortgage with payments so high it’s difficult to afford everyday living expenses. We consider everything, so you can be assured any mortgages we find for you will have your interests at heart. 

Mortgages at a Glance

We have access to mortgage databases in the whole of the United Kingdom. This gives us a huge advantage over your local bank, which might only be able to offer a couple of mortgage options. 

Believe us, going to a bank’s Belfast branch mortgage and insurance advisor is not your best option. They will only be able to offer a very limited selection of mortgages and insurance options.

As a client looking for a mortgage whether it’s in Belfast, Dungannon or Newtownards our services cover all of Northern Ireland. I have listed below our mortgage services, if there is anything of interest to you, please get in touch.

    • First-time Buyer Mortgages

    • Moving Home Mortgages

    • Remortgage

    • Buy to Let Mortgages

    • Co-Own Mortgages

    • Repayment Mortgages

    • Interest Only Mortgages

Best Mortgage for you

Come and see us for the best mortgage advice, we will seek out mortgages to suit your needs and budget. Make an appointment for a consultation by either calling, messaging us using our website contact page, or visiting our mortgage advice centre in Antrim Northern Ireland.

Insurance Advice 

Mortgage insurance is not necessary but advisable. We will give you good solid advice on what’s available. We have listed below a brief description of popular policies that are available to our clients.

The same as mortgage advice, we can provide you with advice and the best information on what policy would benefit you and your loved ones. 

Term Life Policy

This can run from one year to fifty years, this is the simplest policy and most chosen one. Simply put, if you die the policy will pay out to the beneficiary an amount you set whilst taking out the policy

Waiver of Premium

This is a popular policy as it will cover being off work for more than 6 months, the premiums are paid by the provider until you return to work. As a householder with a mortgage will give you peace of mind your home is safe as the mortgage is still being paid 

Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover covers designated serious illnesses, this policy pays out on your policyholder’s death. This is worth considering for any family members living at home, as the mortgage will be paid off.

Why Choose Mortgage Options NI?

We are experts in the mortgage industry, working from our office in Northern Ireland we are dedicated to finding our clients the best mortgage deal suited to their needs and budget.

Many mortgage companies are offering seemingly the best deal, let us read the fine print, let us deal with things that might not be what they seem. Selecting a mortgage to suit you can be a minefield trying to understand the process yourself, you leave that part to us. 

We have the time, and professionalism to go through the small print and compare the different mortgages around. We fully understand a bad mortgage deal from a good mortgage deal.

We will discuss with you in detail the best mortgage options, as a mortgage advisor you can expect the best advice from us and the correct road to take. When you instruct us on the mortgage you require we step in as a broker and close the deal.

We offer the best advice along with the best mortgage and Insurance services across the whole of Northern Ireland. 

Get in touch

If you’re looking for the best mortgage deal to buy your first home or need a new mortgage, book an appointment with us straight away for the best mortgage advice to suit your budget and needs. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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