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The Best Financial Advisers & Mortgage Advice in Ballymena 

If you need a mortgage and you are living in Ballymena, Northern Ireland we recommend speaking with a professional mortgage advisor Ballymena area. Why you may ask, well the reason is our Ballymena mortgage advisers know the area very well and understand the current property market. This enables us to offer the best unrivalled professional financial & mortgage advice as brokers in Ballymena. 

What is a Mortgage Broker? 

A mortgage broker is someone who brings both mortgage lenders and mortgage borrowers together. Our mortgage broker will always act in your best interests when suggesting a mortgage. When choosing a broker to obtain a mortgage always check they are licensed, qualified & certified to be able to give mortgage advice. 

Why see a Mortgage Adviser?

A mortgage adviser has access to thousands of different available mortgage lenders, not just in Ballymena but the whole of the United Kingdom. If you go to your local bank to obtain a mortgage you will be offered a very limited choice of mortgages, maybe two or three. 

Our mortgage adviser will seek out the best mortgage options available for you to meet your requirements and budget.

Different Types of Mortgages 

Depending on your requirements and needs, there are a few different mortgages & options available. These we have listed below, with a brief description of each of the mortgages.

First Time Buyer Mortgage

This type of mortgage is for clients looking to obtain a mortgage to purchase their first home. Specifically designed first-time mortgages can come with incentives such as cash-back offers and schemes. Normally a first-time buyer’s mortgage will need a 5% deposit of the value of the property. although nowadays more mortgage companies are offering a 100% mortgage where no deposit is required. We recommend seeking professional advice on all these types of mortgages. 

Our Team of advisors & brokers are experts at reading the small print and will advise you accordingly. 

Moving Home Mortgage 

With this type of mortgage, a client needs to know what funds are available. Most mortgage lenders will allow you to transfer an existing mortgage to a new home, alternatively, it might be a better option to pay off the mortgage on your old home and obtain another mortgage for a new home. We are here to offer advice on the best way to proceed with different mortgages and options.


This mortgage option can help clients with our expert advice in reducing current mortgage repayments by securing a cheaper interest rate or payment term. A popular choice with these types of mortgages is to borrow more equity against an existing property for home improvements.

Buy to Let Mortgage

If a client is interested in investing in property on a buy-to-let basis, these types of mortgages are for landlords or people wanting to become landlords. We are here to offer mortgage advice to get our clients the best deals currently available.

Repayment Mortgage

Most clients will opt for a repayment mortgage as opposed to interest only because you are not only paying off the interest but also the mortgage loan itself. To find the correct repayment mortgage to suit your needs & requirements. We at Mortgage Options NI will offer the best advice after searching our database for the best repayment mortgage options available.

Interest Only Mortgage

With an “interest-only mortgage” the interest is only paid on the loan, not the loan itself. This could be for the whole term or part term of the loan, at the end of the term the amount borrowed itself needs to be paid in full. This type of mortgage can seem attractive as the monthly repayments are lower than a repayment mortgage. 

We would recommend seeking our advice on the best options and mortgages for interest-only mortgages. 

Why Choose Us For Your Mortgage in Ballymena?

At Mortgage Options NI we are licensed, qualified & certified to give expert unbiased mortgage advice to our clients. As mortgage advisors, we take great pride in our high-quality work searching for the best possible mortgage suitable for our clients.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please get in touch, we are here to offer the best advice and guidance.

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